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​​​Richard Bloom psychotherapy and relationship counseling

"Every human being is a unique individual person.  Psychotherapeutic success depends ultimately not on theory, and not on a stereotyped technique, but on the individual therapist's ability to understand intuitively and accurately this particular patient."  Harry Guntrip

"The will to be oneself is heroism." Ortega y Gasset

"We require, it seems, in our moments of courage or shame, at least one witness." Carol Shields

"One must think like a hero to behave like a merely decent human being."   May Sarton

"Be careful what you practice; you may get really good at the wrong thing."  Tony Blauer

"If you don’t understand yourself, you don’t know anybody else."  Nikki Giovanni

A deeper knowledge of yourself changes who you are.  With compassion and keen understanding, Richard Bloom has created a safe environment for individuals to deal with depression, anxiety, grief, anger, and recovery from addictions and for couples to deal with conflict and change. He is aware of the profound injuries of childhood abuse and neglect and helps people to reclaim their wholeness, the unique selves that they were forced to mask or abandon in order to survive in the difficult emotional environments of their families. He began working 50 years ago as a drug and alcohol counselor and works well with people in recovery.  He earned his master's degree in 1982 with a thesis on relationship counseling and has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist since 1984.  He taught at Sonoma State University and California State University, Hayward in theirChemical Dependency Counseling Certificate programs, and was an associate of the Men's Center for Counseling and Psychotherapy for 30 years. In recent years he has gained a reputation with psychotherapy for depression and anxiety.